Ridge Comedy Farm

#10 - Heath & Joel Welcome My Brother on

February 3, 2020

Joel Bio: Self Employed Book Seller, Creative Thinker

Heath Bio: Farm Worker, Rental House’s Landlord

  1. Heath Practices talking into a Mic
  2. What Happened to the hedge trimmers?
  3. Do you think Jeff Bezos could buy a country to become king of it
  4. Heath is going to get a terrible couch that has cockroaches
  5. Chernobyl
  6. Heath thinks the bus matches expectations
  7. The return of Farmboy
  8. What is the first thing you think of in the mornings when you wake up
  9. Heath gave me his email and then gives it out on the pod
  10. What’s in the box?
  11. Who has a bigger unibrow?
  12. How fast do you think they can build a wall?

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