Ridge Comedy Farm

#11 - Joel Van Conversion Plans for Turning the Van into a Stealth Camper

February 11, 2020

Joel’s Bio: Self Employed Book Seller, Creative Thinker

  1. Ridge answers important questions in this podcast. What happened to the bus? What are his current plans? What does the future hold?
  2. First podcast in 6 months
  3. Dynamite explosion in the bus
  4. Stealth camp PNC Park
  5. Ridge lives in the bus just in the farm barnyard
  6. Ridge sells bus and buys white cargo van
  7. Ridge goes over the game for the van
  8. The camera falls halfway through
  9. Just hit select all when inviting people to like the page
  10. The most random thing to do is take your shirt off
  11. Are coconuts just cows
  12. Ridge believes no ones in charge
  13. Does that make sense
  14. When you see someone, you went to school within Walmart
  15. We go over the experice of Joel driving a manual car
  16. Murder
  17. No hard nuts

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