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#12 - Hannah, Kaden, Olivia, Olivia Recap of Turning the Van into a Stealth Camper

February 24, 2020

Kaden is a college student who is dabbling in music

Hannah is a college student

Olivia is a college student

Olive is a college student athlete long distance runner

  1. Ridge tells how the van conversion went
  2. Hannah’s family all has the same middle name
  3. Driving over the speed limit doesn’t actually shave off anytime
  4. Ed Orgeron has a very unique voice
  5. The girls are going to get so fat when they are old
  6. How Olive got on the podcast and how creepy the van is
  7. I cut my hair
  8. Story about when I went to Clemson and 11:11
  9. We go over how much the van cost to convert
  10. The pooping story
  11. We get into a long discussion about selling feet pictures
  12. The EAU is interested in my white van
  13. A plan to take down human trafficking
  14. Kaden gets asked if he wants to be a marine
  15. Kaden sings
  16. The game piddle
  17. I was homeschooled
  18. Olivia’s boy dog lifted his leg to pee for the first time in 7 years
  19. Kaden cooked us breakfast and lunch

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