The Comedy Bus

#4 - Party Last Night with Jensen, Ashley, Kyra, & Sydney

December 31, 2019
  1. We get into a party Ridge threw a few days before and how it went terribly wrong
  2. Which of the girls went through the goth phase?
  3. Ashley and Jensen kiss within the first 5 minutes
  4. Someone stole someone’s car at the party
  5. The girls talk about receiving dick pics at 9 in the morning
  6. I’ve got a trick for sending dick pics
  7. Do girls get moist
  8. Make sure your party is on one story no stairs
  9. Periwinkle is the best color
  10. Pigs are my favorite animal
  11. We get into some ASMR
  12. The Girls get hungry for pizza
  13. We drank some terrible alcohol
  14. Ashley Puts her feet on the table
  15. Sex talk around the hour mark
  16. We get into politics
  17. Go over where everyone was when trump got elected in 2016
  18. Do you think we will be living on the moon and mars
  19. Try You’re hardest to help the planet.

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