Ridge Comedy Farm

#5 - Spring Break with Micah, Ian, & Isaiah

January 1, 2020
  1. We talk about our spring break trip and what that entailed
  2. Ian and Micah are geologists so naturally we talk about smashing stones
  3. We talk about the 10 sighs of autism
  4. I completely lost control
  5. Ridge tells story about eating a caterpillar
  6. Strip club story
  7. Ridge has a uni-brow
  8. Isaiah saw a penguin on the side of a highway
  9. Let’s talk about drugs a little bit
  10. We get into feet fetishes
  11. Micah talks about going skinny dipping in the ocean
  12. We talk about porn
  13. We trash Danny Duncan
  14. What if humans had to chew their cud

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