Ridge on Rumspringa

#6 - Isaiah Played Against Zion Williamson

January 6, 2020
  1. College talk about how ridge dropped out of college
  2. Saw people literally in a carriage
  3. What if the horse has diarrhea?
  4. Update on The Comedy Bus
  5. I’ve been running the electricity a lot just to see if it catches on fire
  6. When did your Family come over?
  7. Edward Snowden
  8. Cows are always dunk
  9. New Year’s Eve party
  10. Who’s ever heard of wales
  11. We play would you rather
  12. How to catch and alligator
  13. Isaiah played against Zion Williamson
  14. Seeing Joey Diaz live
  15. Late on NFL season Predictions but I was right
  16. Start Getting into spring break
  17. Isaiah knows the beach boy’s drummer
  18. Cows watched Isaiah pee

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