Ridge Comedy Farm

#8 - Carter Under Cover Employee

January 23, 2020
  1. Bob thinks he’s a pirate
  2. Save a horse ride a pirate
  3. Henry is a real-life Santa claw
  4. Fran he is a turtle
  5. Fran has a great laugh
  6. Pirate, Santa claw, and turtle
  7. Camel couldn’t get any traction
  8. Santa clause had 12 heart attacks
  9. The Chargers suck bud
  10. The real-life Michelin man
  11. The pirate is a avid hunter
  12. Turtle has a 4 year plan for teeth
  13. Instead of undercover bosses its undercover employee
  14. Carter was with me when I bought the bus and drove it illegally
  15. We talk about how slow the bus is
  16. The bus is a night club on wheels
  17. What’s the point of EM radio?
  18. Carter Didn’t edit these videos
  19. Carters uncles playing chicken at a family reunion and both dying
  20. We end the podcast with boring talk about cars

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